Vote for the First National Bank Player of the Week for Week 10!

Voting is now open for the First National Bank Player of the Week award for Week 10 action.

The poll will be open until 7 p.m. Central time on Tuesday, Oct. 26. Previous winners can only win once during the regular season. Votes can be cast once every 30 minutes (per IP address, so if multiple devices are on the same wifi network, only one can vote during that time).

Check out a slideshow of previous winners through Week 9 here:

Here are the finalists, in alphabetical order, for the Player of the Week award for Week 10:

Montae Baldwin, Columbia Academy: Baldwin had 20 carries for 197 yards and four touchdowns in a 62-60 win at Clarksville Academy.

Justin Brown, Blackman: Brown had 11 catches for 222 yards and three touchdowns and added a rushing touchdown in a 49-36 victory at Cookeville.

Alex Broome, Lipscomb Academy: Broome had 27 carries for 189 yards and caught seven passes for 76 yards with five total touchdowns in the Mustangs’ 38-0 victory over visiting CPA.

Derrick Merriweather, Clarksville Academy: Merriweather was 13-of-25 passing for 327 yards and four touchdowns and had 12 carries for 149 yards and three more scores in a 62-60 loss to visiting Columbia Academy.

Ryder Hagan, Overton: Hagan was 14-of-18 passing for 311 yards and five touchdowns in the Bobcats’ 54-14 victory over visiting Antioch.

Chris Parson, Ravenwood: Parson was 10-of-13 passing for 287 yards and three touchdowns, and ran for 42 yards and three touchdowns in the Raptors’ 56-28 victory over visiting Pope John Paul II.

Jack Risner, Blackman: Risner completed 22-of-34 passes for 437 yards and five touchdowns.

This poll has ended (since 1 month).
Jack Risner, Blackman
Alex Broome, Lipscomb Academy
Justin Brown, Blackman
Chris Parson, Ravenwood
Derrick Merriweather, Clarksville Academy
Ryder Hagan, Overton
Montae Baldwin, Columbia Academy
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