615 Preps Podcast: Oakland head coach Kevin Creasy, Week 9 preview

Oakland head coach Kevin Creasy talks about the Battle of the ‘Boro, scheduling challenges and how the end of the season sets up for the Patriots.

Midstate :48 – Season Wrap-Up Midstate :48

After a week away due to some illness, the guys return to finish up with BlueCross Bowl reaction, Mr. Football winners and talking about the players signing during the early signing period in our final episode of the 2021 season. — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/615preps/support
  1. Midstate :48 – Season Wrap-Up
  2. Midstate :48 – BlueCross Bowl championship preview
  3. Midstate :48 – Division I semifinal
  4. Midstate :48 – Round 3 preview
  5. Midstate :48 – Round 2 preview

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