Who Ya Got? Picks for Division I semifinal games

Now that three of the nine championship games have been determined, this week’s all about the six Division I state title matchups.

Last week, Chris Brooks went 9-1 in his selections on the 615Preps Podcast, edging out Scott Burton and the Twitter voters by one game.

Brooks broke the tie for second place as Burton went 8-2, falling back into third. The Twitter voters have held on to the lead for the fourth consecutive week, and they have a two-game lead on Brooks with just two weeks remaining.

No lone wolf picks connected last week, as Burton missed his Shelbyville selection, while Kaposy dropped two such choices (Brentwood and Friendship Christian). Twitter voters were deadlocked on the Ensworth-McCallie game, taking a loss as a result. Lone wolf tries are now 16-40 for the season.

Overall, Brooks holds a one-game lead on Burton after going 22-8 last week.

Current standings on show picks through third round:
1. Twitter polls 92-48 (.657, 8-2 last week)
2. Chris Brooks 90-50 (.643, 9-1)
3. Scott Burton 89-51 (.636, 8-2)
4. Christian Kaposy 82-58 (.586, 7-3)

Current overall standings through third round:
1. Chris Brooks 141-67 (.678, 22-8 overall last week)
2. Scott Burton 140-68 (.673, 21-9)
3. Christian Kaposy 130-78 (.625, 19-11)

Division I semifinal picks (click on each game to vote on Twitter for the winners):

Trousdale County at Meigs County
: Trousdale County
Burton: Trousdale County
Kaposy: Trousdale County

Covington at Pearl-Cohn (game at Glencliff)
: Pearl-Cohn
Burton: Pearl-Cohn
Kaposy: Pearl-Cohn

Nolensville at Elizabethton
: Nolensville
Burton: Elizabethton
Kaposy: Elizabethton

Haywood at Springfield
: Springfield
Burton: Springfield
Kaposy: Springfield

Dyer County at Summit
: Summit
Burton: Summit
Kaposy: Summit

Oakland at Maryville
: Oakland
Burton: Maryville
Kaposy: Maryville

Houston at Ravenwood
: Ravenwood
Burton: Ravenwood
Kaposy: Ravenwood

Division I semifinalsBrooksBurtonKaposy
South Pittsburg at GreenbackSouth PittsburgSouth PittsburgGreenback
Lake County at HuntingdonHuntingdonHuntingdonHuntingdon
Peabody at RiversidePeabodyPeabodyPeabody
Loudon at AlcoaAlcoaAlcoaAlcoa
Knoxville West at Knoxville CentralKnoxville WestKnoxville WestKnoxville West
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