Staff picks for the BlueCross Bowl

Our team has made its picks for every BlueCross Bowl championship game.

Overall standings after the Division I semifinals (total “told ‘ya so” picks for the season in parentheses next to each name):

  • Chris Brooks (8) 507-134, .791 (10-2 last week)
  • Tom Duggin (13) 497-144, .775 (11-1 last week)
  • Scott Burton (11) 492-149, .768 (7-5 last week)
  • Drake Williams (23) 449-192, .700 (8-4 last week)

A reminder that you can vote until 11 a.m. Central on Thursday on all nine games as well: CLICK HERE TO VOTE

Our picks for the BlueCross Bowl, as voted on by our panel on the Midstate :48 YouTube show:

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