Vote for the First National Bank Player of the Week for Round 3!

Voting is now open for the First National Bank Player of the Week award for third-round playoff action.

The poll will be open until 7 p.m. Central time on Tuesday, Nov. 23. Votes can be cast once every 30 minutes (per IP address, so if multiple devices are on the same wifi network, only one can vote during that time).

Regular season winners can win again, however, playoff winners can only win once in the postseason prior to the BlueCross Bowl.

Check out a slideshow of previous winners here:

Here are the finalists, in alphabetical order, for the Player of the Week award for Round 3:

Bryson Claiborne, Trousdale County: Claiborne rushed 13 times for 188 yards and three touchdowns in the Yellow Jackets’ 23-0 victory at Watertown in the Class 2A quarterfinals.

Ellis Ellis, Hendersonville: Ellis had nine carries for 152 yards with four touchdowns in the Commandos’ 34-14 victory over visiting Beech in the Class 6A quarterfinals.

Bradford Gaines, DCA: Gaines was 14-of-17 passing for 343 yards and three touchdowns in the Wildcats’ 42-14 victory at USJ in the Division II-A semifinals.

Ashton Jones, DCA: Jones had 26 carries for 167 yards and three touchdowns.

Cade Law, CPA: Law rushed for four touchdowns and completed 11-of-17 passes for 233 yards and two scores in the Lions’ 56-31 victory at Lausanne in the Division II-Class AA semifinals.

Brady Pierce, Summit: Pierce caught six passes for 108 yards and three touchdowns, rushed seven times for 31 yards and a touchdown, and had an interception in the Spartans’ 48-28 win over visiting Ravenwood in the Class 6A quarterfinals.

Destin Wade, Summit: Wade rushed 19 times for 213 yards and two touchdowns and completed 10-of-17 passes for 147 yards and three touchdowns.

This poll has ended (since 1 month).
Bryson Claiborne, Trousdale County
Ellis Ellis, Hendersonville
Brady Pierce, Summit
Bradford Gaines, DCA
Cade Law, CPA
Ashton Jones, DCA
Destin Wade, Summit
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