Staff picks for Week 4

Our team has made its picks for every game including area teams.

Last week, Chris Brooks went 31-7 including a solo pick of Green Hill over Wilson Central, and took over first place in the overall standings.

Scott Burton hit on Clarksville Academy and Rockvale’s victories as the other “told ‘ya so” picks of Week 3.

Overall standings after Week 3 (total “told ‘ya so” picks for the season in parentheses):

  • Chris Brooks (5) 108-35, .755 (31-7 last week)
  • Tom Duggin (4) 103-40, .720 (28-10 last week)
  • Scott Burton (5) 99-44, .692 (29-9 last week)
  • Drake Williams (5) 90-53, .629 (26-12 last week)

First, our top 10 games in the area, as voted on by our panel on the Midstate :48 YouTube show:

Also, a reminder that you can vote until 7 p.m. Thursday on those top 10 games as well: CLICK HERE TO VOTE

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