Helmet Madness – Championship

Polls are open for the championship matchup of the Helmet Madness bracket challenge between Lebanon and Gordonsville.

Voting in each matchup will take place over two days on the website and votes can be cast every 30 minutes. Voting is logged per IP address, which means if you have multiple devices on one Wi-Fi network, only one device may vote per 30 minutes on that network.

Voting in these matchups runs until noon on Sunday, March 21.

How each team got to the final:

  • Lebanon (11th seed in Summit Region)
  • First round: defeated 6th-seeded BGA (72%)
  • Second round: defeated 14th-seeded Rockvale (74%)
  • Third round: defeated 15th-seeded Green Hill (66%)
  • Region final: defeated top-seeded Summit (75%)
  • Semifinal: defeated top-seeded Oakland (55%)
  • Gordonsville (6th seed in CPA Region)
  • First round: defeated 11th-seeded Macon County (60%)
  • Second round: defeated 3rd-seeded Independence (86%)
  • Third round: defeated 10th-seeded Gallatin (63%)
  • Region final: defeated 12th-seeded White House (78%)
  • Semifinal: defeated 6th-seeded DeKalb County (61%)

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