Opening Drive (Nov. 2): The second season begins

Being able to practice on the first Monday of November is a good thing for teams in this area, perhaps even more so in 2020 than any other year.

Just getting to this point wasn’t assured four months ago, but now the playoffs are upon us. Nearly every team knows its opponent, with the exception of teams in Region 5-5A and 6-5A. They’ll have to wait until Shelbyville’s appeal is heard today to see if their postseason ban is upheld or if they will be allowed to participate in the postseason.

Region 6-5A teams know their seeding, as Beech finished first, followed by Gallatin, Hillsboro and Hillwood. Summit is the Region 5-5A champion as well, regardless of Shelbyville’s ruling. Page and Columbia also know they’re in as well, but Page would end up hosting Hillsboro if the sanctions are upheld. Lincoln County’s season hangs in the balance. The initial decision thrusts the Falcons into the 5A field, but an overturned ruling would end their season.

In the meantime, catch up on what you might have missed from Week 11 action:

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