Midseason report cards: Large classes
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Midseason report cards: Large classes

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Now that the regular season is into the second half, it’s report card time for area teams.

This set of grades goes to the teams in Class 5A, 6A and Division II-AAA, the large classes in the area.

All records are after Week 6 and include any wins or region losses due to COVID-19 cancellations.

(Note: First-year school Green Hill is not eligible for the playoffs this season and won’t be graded as a result.)

Class 5A

Region 5

Summit (5-1 overall, 1-0 in Region 5-5A): A tough loss to Franklin doesn’t hurt the Spartans’ grade much at all. When they get Keaten Wade back from injury later this season, it’ll be like adding a big piece at the trade deadline. For now, Destin Wade is holding down the fort and Summit is just fine. Midseason grade: A

Columbia (4-2 overall, 1-1 in Region 5-5A): They’ll lose the tiebreaker to Summit, but if the Lions take care of business in the second half, they can host a playoff game. Midseason grade: B

Page (2-3 overall, 0-1 in Region 5-5A): They’ll lose the tiebreaker to Shelbyville, but if the Patriots take care of business in the second half, they can host a playoff game. Midseason grade: C

Beech is in line to win Region 6-5A again after a solid first half to the season. (Scott Burton/615 Preps)

Region 6

Gallatin (3-3 overall, 2-0 in Region 6-5A): The Green Wave have already punched their postseason ticket due to two region games being cancelled for COVID-19. They have yet to win a home game, however, and they have two difficult home games in October. They’ll be no worse than second in the region, but that means a tough draw in the playoffs. Midseason grade: C+

Beech (3-1 overall, 1-0 in Region 6-5A): The Bucs lost a tough one on short notice to 5A contender Powell to start the year, then knocked another contender in Henry County. Despite missing two weeks due to a COVID pause, Beech is still in position to win the region. Midseason grade: B+

Hillsboro (0-1 overall, 0-0 in Region 6-5A): All of the Metro Nashville public school teams will get the same grade having only been able to play for one week. Midseason grade: Incomplete

Glencliff (0-1 overall, 0-0 in Region 6-5A): Midseason grade: Incomplete

Hunters Lane (0-1 overall, 0-0 in Region 6-5A): Midseason grade: Incomplete

Hillwood (0-0 overall, 0-0 in Region 6-5A): Midseason grade: Incomplete

Region 7

Northeast (3-1 overall, 3-0 in Region 7-5A): The Eagles are set up to at least be second in the region as long as they take care of the games they should win. Henry County looms in Week 10. Midseason grade: B

Northwest (1-3 overall, 1-1 in Region 7-5A): Injuries derailed their season quickly. And it’s not going to get much easier from here. Midseason grade: D+

Kenwood (1-3 overall, 1-2 in Region 7-5A): The Knights are playing for third, having already lost to Northeast and Henry County. It’s theirs to take, but four of their final five games are on the road. Midseason grade: C

West Creek (1-3 overall, 0-2 in Region 7-5A): If the Coyotes want to make the jump into the postseason, they’ll need three region wins in four games. They’d love to have that loss to Northwest back right now. Midseason grade: C-

Clarksville (1-3 overall, 0-2 in Region 7-5A): If the Wildcats lose to Northeast, they’ll have to run the table to make the postseason, but it’s the three games they’d want to take their shot. They’re not out of it. Midseason grade: D+

Class 6A

Region 3

Oakland (6-0 overall, 3-0 in Region 3-6A): The Patriots check off all the boxes so far. And they get a test from Brentwood this week. It’s falling in place right now. Midseason grade: A+

Riverdale (3-3 overall, 1-0 in Region 3-6A): They had a tough loss to CPA out of the gate and have done everything else right since then. The Battle of the Boro will be a must-see game. Midseason grade: A

Blackman (1-5 overall, 1-2 in Region 3-6A): The schedule has been brutal, but the Blaze needed to beat Warren County. They’re likely fighting Cookeville for fourth, and that battle will come down to their Week 11 meeting. Midseason grade: D

Rockvale (1-5 overall, 0-3 in Region 3-6A): The Rockets played Warren County tough and notched their first-ever win in the first half of the season. The second-half schedule gives them a shot at one or two more. The playoffs are likely a year away, though. Midseason grade: C

Siegel (0-6 overall, 0-3 in Region 3-6A): The Stars haven’t been able to win the close ones. If they don’t beat Rockvale, it’s likely 0-10 for Siegel, who only won one last year. Not getting obliterated by anyone saves them from a failing grade. Midseason grade: D-

Mt. Juliet had a strong first half of the season and is tied atop Region 4-6A with Hendersonville. (Kevin Smith/615 Preps)

Region 4

Mt. Juliet (5-0 overall, 2-0 in Region 4-6A): The Golden Bears can’t ask for much better than this start. Getting tested, but not losing to Wilson Central might have been a good thing for them, as all signs point to another Week 11 showdown for the region title with Hendersonville. Midseason grade: A

Hendersonville (2-3 overall, 2-0 in Region 4-6A): Their record is due to a fairly tough schedule. It doesn’t get a lot easier in the second half for the Commandos, but they control their own path out of the region. Midseason grade: B-

Wilson Central (3-3 overall, 1-1 in Region 4-6A): The Wildcats are trying their best to play spoiler. The second seed is in play if they can keep up their improved play. Midseason grade: B-

Rossview (3-1 overall, 1-0 in Region 4-6A): The Hawks won the three games they should have won after their Wilson Central loss. The way the schedule sets up for them in the second half, they’ll earn everything they get. Midseason grade: C+

Lebanon (3-3 overall, 0-2 in Region 4-6A): The Blue Devils can get to the third seed if they take care of business in the second half, and the schedule sets up for them to do just that. Midseason grade: C+

Station Camp (0-6 overall, 0-2 in Region 4-6A): Outscored 242-25 in six games, a long season for the Bison gets longer by the week. Their losing streak is at 20 and counting. Midseason grade: F

Region 5

Smyrna (4-2 overall, 3-0 in Region 5-6A): The Bulldogs are in position to win the region if they can take down Cane Ridge this week. They’ll be ready for the playoffs with their second-half schedule. Midseason grade: B

La Vergne (3-2 overall, 2-0 in Region 5-6A): The Wolverines will find themselves in a dogfight for playoff positioning in the second half. Ray Banner figures to heavily factor into their chances. Midseason grade: B-

Cane Ridge (1-0 overall, 1-0 in Region 5-6A): The Ravens are still the favorite in the region despite the lengthy delay to begin their season. They just might not finish first, and that’s trouble for some team in Region 6 when the playoffs begin. Midseason grade: Incomplete

Stewarts Creek (2-3 overall, 1-1 in Region 5-6A): A tough loss to La Vergne knocked the Red Hawks out of the region title conversation, but they won’t have to play Cane Ridge and if they win out, they would win the region. Decent chance for them to get to the Oct. 30 game with Smyrna for that possibility. Midseason grade: C+

McGavock (0-1 overall, 0-0 in Region 5-6A): See the other Metro teams, and that goes the same for Antioch and Overton. Midseason grade: Incomplete

Antioch (0-1 overall, 0-1 in Region 5-6A): Midseason grade: Incomplete

Overton (0-1 overall, 0-1 in Region 5-6A): Midseason grade: Incomplete

Region 6

Independence (4-1 overall, 2-0 in Region 6-6A): They’re sitting for at least a week for a COVID closure, and if the Brentwood game can’t get rescheduled, they’ll fight Ravenwood for second in Week 11. Important, because third place is likely drawing Cane Ridge in round one. Midseason grade: A-

Ravenwood (3-3 overall, 2-1 in Region 6-6A): The Raptors are the best 3-3 team in the state. They gave the Brentwood game away with mistakes, but there’s not a ton of damage done by falling to tough out-of-state teams. Midseason grade: B

Brentwood (4-1 overall, 1-0 in Region 6-6A): The Brentwood Academy loss is a bummer for the Bruins, but they destroyed Henry County and did what they needed to do against Ravenwood. If the Independence game doesn’t get rescheduled, only Franklin has a realistic shot of staying with them in region play the rest of the way. Midseason grade: A-

Centennial (2-4 overall, 1-2 in Region 6-6A): It might be unfair to say that one game could decide a season, but if Centennial doesn’t beat Franklin this week, their only shot at the playoffs is beating Brentwood in Week 11. So maybe it’s not unfair after all. Midseason grade: C-

Dickson County (1-4 overall, 0-1 in Region 6-6A): There’s improvement in that they haven’t been blown out so far this season, but the Cougars have yet to play any of the top three teams in the region, either. Midseason grade: D+

Franklin (2-4 overall, 0-2 in Region 6-6A): The Admirals’ only rough loss came to Ravenwood, but they’re playing for fourth against Centennial this week. It’s a must-win. Midseason grade: C

MBA and Ensworth are heading in opposite directions after their game last week. (Drake Williams/615 Preps)

Division II-Class AAA

East Region

Brentwood Academy (6-0 overall, 2-0 in Division II-AAA East Region): Hard to ask any more of the Eagles, who look like a state title contender. Midseason grade: A+

Father Ryan (2-2 overall, 0-1 in Division II-AAA East Region): The Fighting Irish kept things competitive in their two losses and easily handled Green Hill for their lone win. Just not a lot to go on about this team yet. Midseason grade: C

Ensworth (0-3 overall, 0-1 in Division II-AAA East Region): Had their chances against both Baylor and MBA, but couldn’t close the deal. They’ll get their chance to sneak into the postseason, which will require two wins. Midseason grade: C-

West Region

MBA (3-0 overall, 2-0 in Division II-AAA West Region): What layoff? The Big Red haven’t looked rusty so far. Midseason grade: A

Pope John Paul II (5-1 overall, 1-1 in Division II-AAA West Region): The Knights can’t complain about their start, but injuries to key players have made things tough the past couple of weeks. Midseason grade: A-

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