Opening Drive: Neighborhood tussle

Ravenwood and Brentwood have battled every year since the Raptors came into being in 2003, and the Battle of the Woods has annually become a highly-anticipated game in the area.

It’s no different in 2020, either.

The star power is there on both sides – Cade Granzow and Walker Merrill for the Bruins, Jake Briningstool and Junior Colson for the Raptors – and the competitiveness is there in the rivalry. Brentwood leads the all-time series 11-10, which includes four playoff meetings. The Bruins have won the last two regular-season affairs, only to have Ravenwood come back and win in the playoffs each year.

It’s also not a series of many streaks – Brentwood won four consecutive meetings from 2009-2012 and Ravenwood won three straight in 2004 and 2005, as well as 2013-2015. Of the four postseason meetings, the Raptors have won three of them.

Will Ravenwood even up the all-time series, or does Brentwood have the firepower to keep control?

Meanwhile, catch up on what you might have missed from Tuesday:

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