Who Ya Got? BlueCross Bowl staff picks

For the final time this season, here are our staff picks for each of the nine BlueCross Bowl championship games this weekend at Tennessee Tech.

Twitter voters hold on to a one-game lead in show picks heading into the final week, while Scott Burton pulled into second place with a 6-1 record last week.

Chris Brooks fell to third after a 4-3 showing in the Division I semifinals, but he’s still just two games out of first place.

Once again, no lone wolf picks connected last week. Twitter voters missed on the Haywood pick, while Brooks dropped a game with Oakland’s loss. Lone wolf tries are now 16-42 for the season.

Overall, Burton leads Brooks by one game entering the BlueCross Bowl.

Current standings on show picks through Division I semifinals:
1. Twitter polls 96-51 (.619, 4-3 last week)
2. Scott Burton 95-52 (.613, 6-1)
3. Chris Brooks 94-53 (.606, 4-3)
4. Christian Kaposy 86-61 (.555, 6-1)

Current overall standings through Division I semifinals:
1. Scott Burton 148-72 (.673, 8-4)
2. Chris Brooks 147-73 (.668, 6-6 overall last week)
3. Christian Kaposy 137-83 (.623, 7-5)

BlueCross Bowl championship game picks (click on each game with local teams to vote on Twitter for the winners):

Thursday’s gamesBrooksBurtonKaposy
Division II-A: Davidson Academy vs. USJDavidson AcademyDavidson Academy Davidson Academy
Division II-AAA: MBA vs. McCallieMcCallieMcCallieMBA
Friday’s games
Class 1A: Greenback vs. Lake CountyLake CountyGreenbackLake County
Class 3A: Pearl-Cohn vs. AlcoaAlcoaAlcoaAlcoa
Class 5A: Summit vs. Knoxville CentralSummitKnoxville CentralSummit
Saturday’s games
Class 2A: Meigs County vs. PeabodyPeabodyPeabodyPeabody
Class 4A: Elizabethton vs. SpringfieldElizabethtonElizabethton Elizabethton
Class 6A: Ravenwood vs. MaryvilleRavenwoodRavenwoodMaryville
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