Who Ya Got? Week 9 picks are live
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Who Ya Got? Week 9 picks are live

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Last week saw some movement in the standings.

Christian Kaposy went 8-2 with his picks to improve to 45-35 overall.

Scott Burton matched the Twitter voters with a 7-3 week, while Chris Brooks struggled with a 5-5 result.

Kaposy was correct on his lone wolf pick of Montgomery Central over Springfield, and the Twitter voters took La Vergne over Wilson Central to claim a lone wolf win.

Brooks misfired on his lone wolf try, falling on his Portland pick over Trousdale County.

Current standings through Week 8:
1. Chris Brooks 53-27 (.663, 5-5 last week)
2. Twitter polls 51-29 (.638, 7-3)
3. Scott Burton 49-31 (.613, 7-3)
4. Christian Kaposy 45-35 (.563, 8-2)

Week 9 picks (click on each game to vote on Twitter for the winners):

Hillsboro at Cane Ridge
Brooks: Cane Ridge
Burton: Hillsboro
Kaposy: Cane Ridge

Stratford at East Nashville
Brooks: East Nashville
Burton: East Nashville
Kaposy: East Nashville

Stewarts Creek at Lebanon
Brooks: Stewarts Creek
Burton: Stewarts Creek
Kaposy: Stewarts Creek

Maplewood at Nolensville
Brooks: Nolensville
Burton: Nolensville
Kaposy: Nolensville

Page at Columbia
Brooks: Page
Burton: Page
Kaposy: Columbia

Portland at Springfield
Brooks: Springfield
Burton: Springfield
Kaposy: Springfield

Creek Wood at White House
Brooks: Creek Wood
Burton: Creek Wood
Kaposy: Creek Wood

Brentwood at Franklin
Brooks: Brentwood
Burton: Brentwood
Kaposy: Brentwood

Hendersonville at Gallatin
Brooks: Gallatin
Burton: Hendersonville
Kaposy: Gallatin

Riverdale at Oakland
Brooks: Oakland
Burton: Oakland
Kaposy: Oakland

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