Who Ya Got? Week 8 picks are live

For the second straight week, someone turned in a 9-1 week to tie the best effort of the season.

This one went in Scott Burton’s total, as he finished two games better than everyone else.

Chris Brooks went 7-3 last week, the fourth time this season he’s hit at least seven out of 10 picks. The Twitter voters also went 7-3.

Christian Kaposy lost some ground with a 4-6 week, falling closer to .500. His two lone wolf tries came up short, while Burton went lone wolf for Brentwood and it made the difference in the final total.

Current standings through Week 7:
1. Chris Brooks 48-22 (.686, 7-3 last week)
2. Twitter polls 44-26 (.629, 7-3)
3. Scott Burton 42-28 (.600, 9-1)
4. Christian Kaposy 37-33 (.529, 4-6)

Week 8 picks (click on each game to vote on Twitter for the winners):

Centennial at Page
Brooks: Page
Burton: Page
Kaposy: Page

Clarksville at Kenwood
Brooks: Clarksville
Burton: Clarksville
Kaposy: Clarksville

Ravenwood at CPA
Brooks: Ravenwood
Burton: Ravenwood
Kaposy: Ravenwood

Rossview at Lipscomb Academy
Brooks: Lipscomb Academy
Burton: Lipscomb Academy
Kaposy: Lipscomb Academy

Trousdale County at Portland
Brooks: Portland
Burton: Trousdale County
Kaposy: Trousdale County

La Vergne @ Wilson Central
Brooks: Wilson Central
Burton: Wilson Central
Kaposy: Wilson Central

Springfield at Montgomery Central
Brooks: Springfield
Burton: Springfield
Kaposy: Montgomery Central

White House at White House Heritage
Brooks: White House Heritage
Burton: White House Heritage
Kaposy: White House Heritage

Brentwood Academy at MBA
Brooks: Brentwood Academy
Burton: MBA
Kaposy: MBA

Brooks: BGA
Burton: BGA
Kaposy: BGA

(Editor’s note: An earlier version had Christian Kaposy’s selection as Springfield, not Montgomery Central as he selected on the show. That has been corrected.)

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