Who Ya Got? Week 6 picks now open

Voting for this week’s top games is now open on Twitter (@615_Preps). Last week, everyone was .500 or below. Chris Brooks’ lead fell to three games over the Twitter voters after losing six of the 10 games in Week 5.

Standings after five weeks:
Chris Brooks 32-18 (4-6 last week)
Twitter voters 29-21 (5-5)
Scott Burton 28-22 (5-5)
Christian Kaposy 26-24 (5-5)

Columbia at Nolensville
Brooks: Nolensville
Burton: Nolensville
Kaposy: Nolensville

CPA at Brentwood
Brooks: Brentwood
Burton: CPA
Kaposy: Brentwood

Blackman at Riverdale
Brooks: Blackman
Burton: Blackman
Kaposy: Riverdale

Independence at Hendersonville
Brooks: Independence
Burton: Hendersonville
Kaposy: Hendersonville

Beech at Lebanon
Brooks: Beech
Burton: Lebanon
Kaposy: Beech

Gallatin at Wilson Central
Brooks: Gallatin
Burton: Gallatin
Kaposy: Gallatin

Ensworth at MBA
Brooks: Ensworth
Burton: Ensworth
Kaposy: Ensworth

East Nashville at BGA
Brooks: East Nashville
Burton: East Nashville
Kaposy: East Nashville

Hillsboro at Pearl-Cohn
Brooks: Pearl-Cohn
Burton: Hillsboro
Kaposy: Pearl-Cohn

Trousdale County at Macon County
Brooks: Trousdale County
Burton: Trousdale County
Kaposy: Trousdale County

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