Final 2020 report cards: Medium classes

Now that the 2020 season is over, it’s report card time again for area teams.

This set of grades goes to the teams in Class 3A, 4A and Division II-AA, the medium-size classes in the area.

Click here to see each team’s midseason grade for comparison.

All records include any wins or region losses due to COVID-19 cancellations, and a C grade is considered average for this exercise.

Pearl-Cohn did everything it needed to up until the semifinals, when the Firebirds fell short of a repeat trip to the BlueCross Bowl. (Kevin Smith/615 Preps)

Class 3A

Region 4

Smith County (4-7, lost in 3A first round): After an 0-3 start, the Owls alternated wins and losses for the rest of the season, and were one play away from a trip to the second round after an overtime loss ended their season. (Previous grade: D-) Final grade: C-

Cannon County (0-10): A season to forget in Woodbury, as the only close loss was a one-point setback at York Institute in the finale. (Previous grade: F) Final grade: F

Region 5

Pearl-Cohn (8-1, lost in 3A semifinals): The Firebirds are left wondering what could have been after a disappointing semifinal loss at Milan. Otherwise, they were impressive all season. (Previous grade: incomplete) Final grade: A-

East Nashville (5-2, lost in 3A second round): The Eagles had an impressive win at Fairview in the playoffs, but Pearl-Cohn turned out to be their kryptonite again. (Previous grade: incomplete) Final grade: B+

Stratford (2-5, lost in 3A first round): It was a rough regular season for the Spartans, including a four-game stretch where they only managed 13 points. But they gave Stewart County all they could handle in the playoffs, and that effort didn’t go unnoticed. (Previous grade: incomplete) Final grade: C-

Whites Creek (1-4): The Cobras barely got by Glencliff when they first got on the field, then managed just six points in their other four games. A once-powerful program now going through tough times. (Previous grade: incomplete) Final grade: D-

Region 6

Fairview (7-3, lost in 3A first round): Fairview looked like a contender up until their upset loss at Stewart County, though the loss of Logan Nardozzi really hurt their postseason chances and East Nashville took advantage of it. (Previous grade: B+) Final grade: B-

Harpeth (3-7, lost in 3A first round): The Indians’ season had some moments, but Giles County put it to an abrupt end in round one. (Previous grade: C-) Final grade: C-

Sycamore (1-8): It wasn’t an easy schedule for the War Eagles, and it came down to their Week 11 game against Camden as to whether they’d get in the playoffs or not. Winning that game would have improved this grade at least a little bit. (Previous grade: D) Final grade: D

Cheatham County (0-10): The Cubs’ closest loss was a 12-point setback to West Creek, and it didn’t get any better. (Previous grade: F) Final grade: F

Springfield and Creek Wood met in late October for the Region 5-4A title, but neither one was able to get past the second round of the playoffs. (Kevin Smith/615 Preps)

Class 4A

Region 3

DeKalb County (7-4, lost in 4A first round): Their season nearly ended in the worst way when COVID-19 cases threatened to keep them out of the playoffs, but at least they got a resolution on the field, even though it wasn’t what the Tigers wanted. (Midseason grade: C+) Final grade: B+

Macon County (7-3, lost in 4A first round): Nothing wrong with a 7-3 finish, but the Tigers’ season felt like a missed opportunity to be much better. The DeKalb County loss might sting for a while. (Previous grade: B) Final grade: B

Region 4

Nolensville (8-4, lost in 4A semifinals): It looked like the Knights were due to be knocked off early in the playoffs, but Nolensville made itt to the semifinals once again to be knocked out by Elizabethton. They’ve had a good run in 4A, but now it’s time to move up. (Previous grade: B) Final grade: A-

Spring Hill (3-6, lost in 4A first round): The Raiders’ offense found a little bit of life in the second half of the season, but not enough to make any serious noise in the postseason. (Previous grade: D-) Final grade: C-

Maplewood (0-5): It just ended up being a lost season for the Panthers, and it’s too bad they only got five games out of it. Because of what they and the other Metro teams had to go through just to get on the field, I’m giving them a pass to avoid a failing grade. (Previous grade: incomplete) Final grade: D-

Region 5

Springfield (10-2, lost in 4A second round): The Yellow Jackets did what they needed to do to win the region, but it’s a big disappointment going out in the second round when you had aspirations of getting back to Cookeville, and the final grade reflects it. (Previous grade: A-) Final grade: B+

Creek Wood (10-2, lost in 4A second round): The Red Hawks, like their Springfield counterparts, suffered a disappointing second-round loss when it appeared a rematch was in order the next week. Still a very good season, but some things were left on the table. (Previous grade: A+) Final grade: A-

White House Heritage (7-4, lost in 4A first round): The red flag went up when the Patriots lost to a fringe 2A playoff team in Westmoreland. They had a decent season up to that point, but it seemed to get away quickly after that loss. (Previous grade: B+) Final grade: C+

White House (4-7, lost in 4A first round): The formula at midseason was three wins in the final five games, and that’s exactly what the Blue Devils did down the stretch to get to the 4A playoffs, where they were playing with house money. They won meaningful October games, and you can never fault anyone for that. (Previous grade: C-) Final grade: C

Greenbrier (2-2 overall, 1-2 in Region 5-4A): The Bobcats limped home after a loss at White House ended their playoff hopes one game short of the postseason. This, however, could be a team on the rise in 2021. (Previous grade: C+) Final grade: C-

Montgomery Central (3-5): The Indians played themselves out of postseason contention when they were shut out by Greenbrier and White House in October. (Previous grade: B) Final grade: C-

Portland (2-8): The Panthers were unable to stop anybody in the second half of the season, and they’ll have a new head coach in 2021 to lead the program. (Previous grade: C-) Final grade: D

CPA and Lipscomb Academy put on two terrific battles – one for the region title in late October, then again in Cookeville for the state championship. (Drake Williams/615 Preps)

Division II-Class AA

Middle Region

Lipscomb Academy (10-3, lost in BlueCross Bowl): The plan was nearly executed to perfection, but one too many mistakes in the title game kept the gold ball from coming back with the Mustangs. But the rivalry with CPA will be a fun one to watch going forward. (Previous grade: B+) Final grade: A

CPA (11-1, state champion): Who cares about winning a region title when you can win state instead? (Previous grade: A+) Final grade: A+

Goodpasture (9-3, lost in Division II-AA semifinals): They were the clear-cut third-place team in this region this year, but things are looking up for the Cougars going forward. They’re going to make this region even tougher next year. (Previous grade: A-) Final grade: A-

BGA (5-5, lost in Division II-AA quarterfinals): The Wildcats were so close to putting four Middle Region teams in the semifinals, showing where the true power is in Division II-AA. (Previous grade: C-) Final grade: C+

FRA (1-6, lost in Division II-AA first round): FRA’s highlight was its season-opening win in double overtime at White House. It went downhill from there, kind of a parallel of 2020 in a nutshell. (Previous grade: C-) Final grade: D

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