Final 2020 report cards: Small classes

Now that the 2020 season is over, it’s report card time again for area teams.

This first set of grades goes to the teams in Class 1A, 2A and Division II-A, the smaller classes in the area.

Click here to see each team’s midseason grade for comparison.

All records include any wins or region losses due to COVID-19 cancellations, and a C grade is considered average for our grading purposes.

Gordonsville knocked off eventual Class 2A state champion Fayetteville during the regular season, but the Tigers fell to South Pittsburg in the quarterfinals for the second consecutive year. (Chris Brooks/615 Preps)

Class 1A

Region 4

Gordonsville (9-3, lost in 1A quarterfinals): Gordonsville did everything it needed to do, and South Pittsburg still got in the way. The Tigers can at least say they beat the eventual champs, however, after Fayetteville knocked off the Pirates in Cookeville. (Previous grade: B+) Final grade: A-

Jo Byrns (4-7, lost in 1A first round): I said midseason that the Red Devils should make the playoffs, but the ceiling could be pretty low. South Pittsburg proved that to be accurate. (Previous grade: C+) Final grade: C+

Red Boiling Springs (1-8): The Bulldogs did get a win on the field over Pickett County. Otherwise, this season just wasn’t much to look at. One win will get them out of the F range, however. (Previous grade: F) Final grade: D-

Region 5

Mt. Pleasant (1-8): One has to wonder if this season might have turned out a bit differently if the Tigers could have pulled out a couple of those early games. (Previous grade: D) Final grade: D-

Trousdale County avenged a regular season loss to Watertown for the third consecutive year in the playoffs, but the Yellow Jackets missed a trip to the BlueCross Bowl for the second straight season. (Scott Burton/615 Preps)

Class 2A

Region 4

Watertown (11-2, lost in 2A quarterfinals): This should have been the team to get over the hump and at least make the semifinals. The fact that it didn’t is worth a whole letter grade drop. (Previous grade: A) Final grade: B

Trousdale County (11-3, lost in 2A semifinals): Would the Yellow Jackets have been able to beat Peabody had they gotten to Cookeville? We’ll never know, but not getting there when the door was wide open for them to do so prevents them from getting a higher grade. (Previous grade: B) Final grade: B

Westmoreland (5-6, lost in 2A first round): The Eagles got about as far as they were going to get, and that puts their grade squarely in the average range. (Previous grade: C-) Final grade: C

East Robertson (3-7): This is one of the teams that just couldn’t seem to get any momentum this year. The Jackson County loss turned out to be a season-killer. (Previous grade: C-) Final grade: D+

Region 5

Eagleville (5-6, lost in 2A first round): The Eagles took care of business in the last three weeks of the regular season, but ran into a Riverside team that made a little noise early in the playoffs. (Previous grade: C-) Final grade: C

Davidson Academy lifted a gold ball for the third consecutive season. Next season, the Bears will try to contend in Division II-Class AA. (Drake Williams/615 Preps)

Division II-Class A

East Region

DCA (10-1, lost in Division II-A semifinals): It would have been such a story had the Wildcats been able to get to Cookeville, but their storybook campaign fell one game short of the BlueCross Bowl. Still a heck of a season given all the circumstances they had to deal with this year. (Previous grade: A) Final grade: A

MTCS (5-5, lost in Division II-A quarterfinals): The Cougars did an admirable job under an interim head coach all season, so it’ll be interesting to see how they fare once they get the position filled on a full-time basis. (Previous grade: B-) Final grade: B-

Friendship Christian (7-3, lost in Division II-A first round): A 7-3 record isn’t a bad year. But given the Commanders’ history, it fell short of where they’d like to be. Expect a bounceback season in 2021. (Previous grade: B-) Final grade: C+

Franklin Grace (4-7 lost in Division II-A first round): The Lions ended up fifth in the region and it felt like that’s where they were destined to end up. It is, however, tough to end the year on a five-game skid. (Previous grade: B-) Final grade: C

Mt. Juliet Christian (1-9): The Saints got a win over Chattanooga Grace to escape the winless group, and at least get out of a failing grade. (Previous grade: F) Final grade: D-

West Region

Davidson Academy (13-0, state champions): The Bears made it dramatic for a little bit in the championship game, but you can bet every other team in the class is happy to see them leave. (Previous grade: A) Final grade: A+

Nashville Christian (9-4, lost in Division II-A semifinals): The Eagles really bounced back from a 0-3 start, winning nine consecutive games to reach the final four, and might have the opening they need next season with Davidson Academy’s move up in classification. (Previous grade: C+) Final grade: A-

Clarksville Academy (1-6): The Cougars’ season never really got off the ground this year, and they can probably chalk it up to 2020 being 2020. (Previous grade: D-) Final grade: D-

Columbia Academy (1-6, first round playoff game cancelled due to COVID-19): The Bulldogs were one of those teams that had a playoff opportunity taken away due to COVID-19 protocols, which was a rough way to end a tough season. (Previous grade: D) Final grade: D+

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