Opening Drive (Oct. 29): A tough week

The past few weeks had been largely calm in regard to cancellations and switched games, but the time for rescheduling games has come and gone. Teams no longer have the luxury of being able to move a game back a couple of weeks if the schedule allows it. From here on in, a missed game will be the last game of the season.

And several teams have found that out the hard way in the past few days.

Overton, Rockvale, Stewarts Creek, Clarksville Academy and DeKalb County are the five area teams whose seasons are now over after having to begin quarantine that will carry them past the first Friday of the playoffs. Riverdale, McGavock, Smyrna and Summit all picked up wins in those circumstances, while Siegel found a new opponent in East Nashville for this week.

Plenty of questions have been asked on social media about what happens if teams are forced to quarantine during the playoffs. The answer? They simply shut down and the team they were supposed to play moves on. Teams don’t get reseeded, there’s no bumping teams up a seed line. It’s treated the same way as a forfeit would be. If you have to go into quarantine, you’re out. It’s that simple.

Let’s hope there are no more teams forced to do that this season. It’s a terrible way to have to end the year.

Meanwhile, catch up on what you might have missed from Wednesday:

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