Who Ya Got? Picks for Division I quarterfinal and Division II semifinal games

With time running out in the season, there aren’t many games left for our staff to make moves in the standings.

Last week, Scott Burton went 9-1 in his selections on the 615Preps Podcast, edging out Twitter votes by one game.

Burton pulled into a tie for second place with Chris Brooks (7-3 last week, 81-49 on show votes). The Twitter voters have held on to the lead for the third consecutive week, and now hold a three-game lead on Brooks and Burton.

Scott Burton went 1-1 on lone wolf picks last week when Shelbyville defeated Beech and Whitwell lost to Gordonsville. Kaposy was aggressive with three lone wolf pick attempts, but all three (Columbia Academy, Cane Ridge and East Nashville) lost. Lone wolf tries are now 16-36 for the season.

Overall, Brooks and Burton remain tied for the lead after identical 18-8 marks last week. This week’s picks expand to the entire state with the Division I quarterfinals and Division II semifinals on tap.

The gang will pick every game from the quarterfinals through the BlueCross Bowl. Twitter voters will still vote on the games selected on the 615Preps Podcast each week, and those links will continue to be on this page.

Current standings on show picks through second round:
1. Twitter polls 84-46 (.646, 8-2 last week)
2 (tie). Chris Brooks 81-49 (.623, 7-3)
3 (tie). Scott Burton 81-49 (.623, 9-1)
4. Christian Kaposy 75-55 (.538, 5-5)

Current overall standings through second round:
1. Chris Brooks 119-59 (.669, 18-8 overall last week)
1. Scott Burton 119-59 (.669, 18-8)
3. Christian Kaposy 111-67 (.624, 13-13)

Round 3 picks (click on each game to vote on Twitter for the winners):

Trousdale County at Watertown
: Trousdale County
Burton: Trousdale County
Kaposy: Trousdale County

DeKalb County at Nolensville
: Nolensville
Burton: Nolensville
Kaposy: Nolensville

Hardin County at Springfield
: Springfield
Burton: Springfield
Kaposy: Springfield

Summit at Shelbyville
: Summit
Burton: Shelbyville
Kaposy: Summit

Blackman at Oakland
: Oakland
Burton: Oakland
Kaposy: Oakland

Ravenwood at Brentwood
: Ravenwood
Burton: Ravenwood
Kaposy: Brentwood

Davidson Academy at Friendship Christian
: Davidson Academy
Burton: Davidson Academy
Kaposy: Friendship Christian

Lipscomb Academy at CPA
: Lipscomb Academy
Burton: CPA
Kaposy: CPA

Ensworth @ McCallie
: McCallie
Burton: McCallie
Kaposy: McCallie

Burton: MUS
Kaposy: MUS

Division I quarterfinals/Division II semifinalsBrooksBurtonKaposy
Oliver Springs at GreenbackGreenbackOliver SpringsGreenback
Gordonsville at South PittsburgSouth PittsburgSouth PittsburgSouth Pittsburg
Huntingdon at HuntlandHuntingdonHuntingdonHuntingdon
West Carroll at Lake CountyLake CountyLake CountyLake County
Oneida at Meigs CountyMeigs CountyMeigs CountyMeigs County
Riverside at ForrestForrestForrestForrest
Fairley at PeabodyPeabodyPeabodyPeabody
Austin-East at AlcoaAlcoaAlcoaAlcoa
Red Bank at LoudonLoudonLoudonRed Bank
Giles County at Pearl-CohnPearl-CohnPearl-CohnPearl-Cohn
Wooddale at CovingtonWooddaleCovingtonWooddale
Greenville at ElizabethtonElizabethtonElizabethtonGreeneville
Crockett County at HaywoodHaywoodHaywoodCrockett County
Knoxville Central at South-DoyleSouth-DoyleSouth-DoyleKnoxville Central
Knoxville West at PowellPowellPowellKnoxville West
Dyer County at Henry CountyHenry CountyHenry CountyHenry County
Dobyns-Bennett at MaryvilleMaryvilleMaryvilleMaryville
Whitehaven at HoustonWhitehavenWhitehavenWhitehaven
USJ at Nashville ChristianNashville ChristianNashville ChristianNashville Christian
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