Who Ya Got? Week 11 staff picks
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Who Ya Got? Week 11 staff picks

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Nobody had a good week in Week 10’s picks.

A 5-5 record was the benchmark in the regular season’s second-to-last week of games, though Chris Brooks failed to get there with a 3-7 mark.

Brooks (65-35) still holds the overall lead by two games over the Twitter voters (63-37), while Scott Burton (61-39) and Christian Kaposy (58-42) still trail.

Lone wolf attempts went 3-2 last week. Kaposy picked up his fifth lone wolf win with Wilson Central’s victory over Lebanon, while the Twitter voters notched win number three by taking Knoxville Catholic over Brentwood. Brooks scored his fourth lone wolf win when Pearl-Cohn took down Independence, but he missed on La Vergne and Ensworth as well.

Lone wolf pick attempts are 15-27 this season.

Current standings through Week 10:
1. Chris Brooks 65-35 (.650, 3-7 last week)
2. Twitter polls 63-37 (.630, 5-5)
3. Scott Burton 61-39 (.610, 5-5)
4. Christian Kaposy 58-42 (.580, 5-5)

Week 11 picks (click on each game to vote on Twitter for the winners):

Brooks: CPA
Burton: CPA
Kaposy: CPA

Mt. Juliet at Hendersonville
Brooks: Mt. Juliet
Burton: Mt. Juliet
Kaposy: Mt. Juliet

Hillsboro at Hunters Lane
Brooks: Hunters Lane
Burton: Hillsboro
Kaposy: Hunters Lane

BGA at Lipscomb Academy
Brooks: Lipscomb Academy
Burton: Lipscomb Academy
Kaposy: Lipscomb Academy

Nolensville at Marshall County
Brooks: Nolensville
Burton: Nolensville
Kaposy: Nolensville

DCA at Mt. Juliet Christian
Brooks: DCA
Burton: DCA
Kaposy: DCA

Independence at Ravenwood
(note: game will be played at Nolensville due to field conditions at Ravenwood)
Brooks: Ravenwood
Burton: Ravenwood
Kaposy: Ravenwood

Lebanon at Rossview
Brooks: Lebanon
Burton: Lebanon
Kaposy: Lebanon

Springfield at Creek Wood
Brooks: Creek Wood
Burton: Creek Wood
Kaposy: Springfield

White House Heritage at Montgomery Central
Brooks: Montgomery Central
Burton: White House Heritage
Kaposy: Montgomery Central

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