Who Ya Got? The crew gives their Week 1 picks
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Who Ya Got? The crew gives their Week 1 picks

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Thanks to everyone who voted in our Twitter polls throughout the week. The results of those make up the “Crowd” pick, while Chris Brooks, Scott Burton and Christian Kaposy give their selections as well.

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On to this week’s picks:

MBA at Brentwood

Crowd pick: MBA, 51 percent

Brooks’ pick: Brentwood

Burton’s pick: Brentwood

Kaposy’s pick: Brentwood

Franklin Road Academy at Davidson Academy

Crowd: Davidson Academy, 55%

Brooks: Davidson Academy

Burton: Davidson Academy

Kaposy: Davidson Academy

Oakland at Hendersonville

Crowd: Oakland, 84%

Brooks: Oakland

Burton: Oakland

Kaposy: Oakland

East Nashville at Smyrna

Crowd: Smyrna, 67%

Brooks: Smyrna

Burton: Smyrna

Kaposy: Smyrna

Centennial at Ravenwood

Crowd: Ravenwood, 80%

Brooks: Ravenwood

Burton: Ravenwood

Kaposy: Ravenwood

Page at Fairview

Crowd: Page, 88%

Brooks: Fairview

Burton: Fairview

Kaposy: Fairview

Trousdale County at Friendship Christian

Crowd: Friendship Christian, 58%

Brooks: Trousdale County

Burton: Friendship Christian

Kaposy: Friendship Christian

Maplewood vs. Hillsboro (at TSU)

Crowd: Hillsboro, 76%

Brooks: Hillsboro

Burton: Hillsboro

Kaposy: Hillsboro

Cane Ridge vs. Pearl-Cohn (at TSU)

Crowd: Cane Ridge, 76%

Brooks: Cane Ridge

Burton: Cane Ridge

Kaposy: Cane Ridge

Lebanon at Gallatin

Crowd: Lebanon, 59%

Brooks: Gallatin

Burton: Lebanon

Kaposy: Lebanon

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